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Dr Richard Schulze: Heal Yourself From Incurables

Dr Richard Schulze, medical herbalist talks about what a patient with an incurable diseases should do to heal themselves from their diseases. Incurables include cancer patients. Dr Schulze promotes colon cleansing, skin cleansing, vegan raw food diet, and kidney and liver cleansing in the advanced natural healing of incurable diseases.

Dr Richard Schules Incurables Program

The first thing in Dr Richard Schulze’s Incurables program is for the patient to stop eating hard food immediately and to immediately began a Juice fast. A juice fast involves taking only juices both vegetable and fruit  juices. The patient is required to take 8-10 ounces of fresh juice per hour for at least 14 days and 30 days based on condition. The purpose is to enable the body to concentrate on healing itself and not digestion as juices require little if any digestion to get into the blood stream. The fresh juices are also packed with all the enzymes and nutrients to help boost immunity and body functions.
Any patient on the incurables program is also required to become a vegan even after the juice fast. During the incurables program the patient is advised to use distilled water only for all herbal teas that one is required to take during the program.
After the fast the patient is required to go on a raw vegetable and fruit diet. This is done in conjunction with the taking of juices which are taken between meals and not during meals. Taking juices and vegetables or other food together disturbs the digestion process. The patient is also advised to take the nutrient rich Dr Schulze Superfood.
During the incurables program apply castor oil packs on and around the afflicted part for a minimum of 3 nights per week.
The patient also goes through a 5 gallon high enema every other day. The enema is made up of 1/3 part chaparral, 1/3 part Oregon Grape Root, 1/3 part Red Clover for the first 2-3 weeks.

The patient is also required to do a hot and cold shower at least two times a day. The shower should be 7

alternating hot and cold showers a minute each. The hot should be as hot as possible and the cold should be the coldest possible. The shower should concentrate on the afflicted part. Dr Schulze also recommends what he calls a Cold Sheet Treatment every seven to ten days.

Another part of the program is the taking of the Cancer/Virus/Immune Tea comprising 3 tablespoons of chaparral, 3 tablespoons of Red clover, 2 tablespoons of echinacea, 2 tablespoons of pau d’arco and one tablespoon of lobelia. The tea should be prepared using distilled water.

The patient is also required to do some exercises and some massaging is also recommended to improve blood circulation and enhance the nervous system.

I highly recommend Dr Richard Schulze’s book, ‘There are No Incurables‘ for a detailed explanation on how you can carry out his incurables program for various diseases such as cancer. I have read it and I believe everyone should read this book. It will open your eyes to the body’s ability to heal itself from so called incurables, if we are willing to follow all the steps in the book. Like is the case with most viral diseases the body has the ability to cure itself, it only needs to be helped by keeping it in optimum form by putting into it the right things and fuel.

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3 Responses to “Dr Richard Schulze: Heal Yourself From Incurables”

  1. Amarant says:

    "The shower should be 7 alternating hot and cold showers a minute each. The hot should be as hot as possible and the cold should be the coldest possible." Has anyone tried this? For some reason, it doesn't sound very… healthy to me. Won't you get colds that way?

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  2. jonwilson says:

    Incurable illnesses are incurable for a reason. Sorry, but I'm a bit skeptical with the products here. If cancer can be cured by something like a "cold sheet treatment", doctors and scientists wouldn't have such a hard time with cancer.

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  3. I have tried the seven alternating hot and cold showers when I had flu and it worked in ways I never expected. Physicians nowadays are no longer trained in natural remedies or hydrotherapy as a result they know next to nothing on this. My advice is try it when you have a cold or flu. As for cancer there are patients as noted in the video and so many testimonies on the net who have testified that the cold sheet treatment worked for them in treating cancer. I cannot vouch for their honesty but to me if a number of people are saying the same thing then we need to take them seriously as it could save our lives too.


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