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How To Use Lobelia to Stop Smoking


In an interview with Sam Biser, Dr Richard Schulze discusses the benefits of Lobelia Inflata in helping people to stop smoking. He says Lobelia Inflata is one of the strongest herbs available that can help smokers quit smoking and thereby prevent deaths of thousand of people who die each year from smoke related illnesses.

Since Lobelia is a very strong herb care needs to be taken in its use according to some medical experts. Below is the transcript of the interview:-

SCHULZE: All of the other Herbalists are afraid to touch certain herbs. We saw it with Chaparral, when 
Chaparral was politically incorrect. And for 5 years, American Herbalists abandoned it. Well, Lobelia has been politically incorrect for over 20 years.
BISER: What’s the problem, since it’s just an Herb?
SCHULZE: Well, it’s a strong herb. And see, with Chaparral, the Herbalists complied  and and stopped using it, but after a 5 year period, it was realized, that the Herb wasn’t harmful, and now it’s back in vogue again. But Lobelia is a much stronger herb than Chaparral and in fact, it’s one of the strongest herbs! Now Sam (Biser), we should mention, that the phytochemicals, which are in Lobelia, are called Alkaloids, which are one of the strongest of all of the 1000’s of plant Chemicals! In fact, Lobelia has Lobeline, which is one of the very stongest plant chemicals and Lobelia has 14 known alkaloids, making it one of the stronges plants in the plant world.
BISER: On the planet?
SCHULZE: That’s right! Lobelia is one of the most powerful plants! There’s only a few Plants, that have more alkaloids, and one of them is the opium poppy, from which we get morphine and codeine and other extremely strong alkaloids. Of course, all of these are controlled by our Government.
The Medical People have decided to have a war against Lobelia and people have been hassled for manufacturing their Formulas with it, even though technically, it’s legal in America! And so herbalists are afraid to touch it, because they might get slammed by a medical group! Lobelia is considered an extremely potent and powerful herb, meaning that you will feel something, when you take it.
BISER: You mean that they would rather sell a mild herb, such as Chamomile?
SCHULZE: That’s right! Because what you don’t want legally, when you’re treating someone, whether it’s an herbal Manufacturer or an herbalist, is a reaction. A reaction means that you could have legal exposure and so it’s much safer to produce herbs and/or to manufacture herbal products for the public, that they know are never going to do anything and now the manufacturers and the herbalists in America have pretty much decided across the board to not touch the strong plants! And at the top of this herb list is Lobelia and so now it’s considered extremely politically and herbally incorrect!
Now something, that I find very interesting, is on the other end of the spectrum, if you go to what’s considered the top book of Medical Chemistry in the United States, the Merck Index and of course, the Merck Manual. They state that Lobelia is a respiratory stimulant and an Expectorant. In other words, it stimulates your ability to breathe easier and it helps you to expectorate things, like the tobacco tar, that’s in your lungs
BISER: What do you see with Lobelia?
SCHULZE: Lobelia has 14 alkaloids and one of them is Lobeline, which is very similar to the alkaloid, nicotine, that’s found in Tobacco. And so it stimulates your body in a similar way, and it’s also not harmful to you! And you don’t get any tar, because you’re not smoking a cigarette.
BISER: How did you find-out that Lobelia could help?
SCHULZE: I had heard from a few old Herbalists, that while the person was on Lobelia for Asthma or Bronchitis, they noticed that as a side-effect, some of these people would stop smoking cigarettes and didn’t have any trouble doing it! And then I thought, “What if we used Lobelia on purpose for getting people to stop smoking cigarettes?”.
In my first few attempts in my clinic, I mixed the Lobelia with other herbs, but after while, I just gave people Lobelia tincture only and was shocked at how easy it was for many people to stop immediately. They didn’t even have to wean off of cigarettes and they didn’t have the physical craving for cigarettes either!
In the Clinic, I would give Lobelia tincture to people and tell them to start increasing their dosage of the Tincture, while they’re tapering off  their cigarettes.
Most People, who were successful, stopping smoking cigarettes all at once, were those people, who can put their mind to doing something and do it no matter what, but that wasn’t the vast majority of my Patients.
BISER: What happens?
SCHULZE: The first thing, that they’ll notice, is a scratchy or a burning feeling at the back of their throat, because that’s what the Lobeline in the Lobelia does. It’s very similar to the feeling that you would get, if you chewed some tobacco and swallowed it.
BISER: In fact, Lobelia is called Indian tobacco.
SCHULZE: That’s right! In fact, there’s a past history in America of people smoking Lobelia, and noticing, that after they smoked it, that they got a high, such as what you get, when smoking tobacco, but their lungs were also opened up! And if Lobelia is consumed in a tincture, there’s no harm to your lungs whatsoever, since there’s no tar going into your lungs. In fact, because Lobelia is an expectorant, it’ll help to get rid of the tar, that’s in your Lungs!
BISER: What happens; do you just don’t want to smoke?
SCHULZE: You won’t have any desire to smoke that cigarette! Of course, for the first couple of days, you’ll miss the usual hand-to-mouth motion, because smoking had become something, that’s exotic and sensual. The reality is, that Lobelia stops the physical urge to want that cigarette and to want the nicotine and other chemicals, that are in the cigarettes, to which your body had become addicted, and so the urge drops off, after a few days, when taking Lobelia Tincture, and so you’ll notice that you don’t want to smoke a cigarette anymore!
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