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Aloe Vera Eye Drops

Aloe Vera plant
Aloe vera eye drops can be used effectively to treat eye disorders such as  corneal  infection, eye irritation, pink eye and other eye infections. 
How to prepare Aloe Vera Eye Drop
Take 1/2 C of  Aloe Vera juice and  add 1/2 C water to reduce sting. The aloe vera juice direct from the leaf is more potent than the processed and stabilised gel or juice obtained in bottle form. Having said that the processed and bottled is still usually potent enough to treat eye infections and also much more convinient for most people.
“The plant on its own has some limitations—it is astringent, dries skin. Chemists have found it advantageous to combine it with other active ingredients such as vitamins A & E, lanolin, etc. to broaden and intensify its effectiveness.” pp. 17, 18. Aloe Vera Handbook by Max B. Skousen, 1982. Aloe Vera Research Institute, 5103 Sequoia, Cypress, CA 90630.
Aloe vera juice and aloe vera eye drop can also heal eye cysts effectively but as I have warned in the previous paragraphs aloe vera juice used must be diluted with equal volume of water to avoid irritation.
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